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Mobile DVR allow you to view live footage, store video data, and track vehicles.
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What is Mobile DVR?

Mobile Digital Video Recorder allow you to view live footage, store video data, and track vehicles using Video Management Software or a web browser on any remote or local computer over a network.

Application Areas

Public Transport
Commercial Fleet
Police Transport
Personal Transport
Bharatlink Mobile DVR is a perfect solution for
mobile surveillance, video security and tracking.

In case of the bus, taxi or other types of public transport it is mostly a protective measure for the driver against crime inside the vehicle and a toolto provide a proof in case some accidents have taken place. Police uses MDVR for collecting evidence and proof of the legitimacy of their actions as well as for better coordination of the forces. Those who use it for personal goals mostly aim at having peace of mind in case any accidents happen and they have to prove they weren’t guilty.

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The camera sees more than the eye, so why not make use of it? Edward Weston

Complete View of Safety & Security

MDVR help in managing driver behavior and mitigating risks, either to prevent incidentsor to attribute the correc post-accident blame. MDVR is a digital video recording system embedded with Wi-Fi and3G modules. MDVR is a cutting edgerecording systemthat includes features such as Camera Disconnection Alerts, GPS tracking, 3G Connection and Night Vision Surveillance Camera Connectivity. MDVR supports four camera connections with placement capabilityfor interior and exterior monitoring with night vision video / audio.
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